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Bella O'Toole

Fabric, sling, loops, hoop

Bella fell in love with aerial arts in 2013, and has been teaching on the east side of Hawai’i island since 2016. Her disciplines include aerial silks, sling, hoop, cube and loops, and her style focuses on clean movement and flow. She is the co-founder of Aerial Arts Hawai’i, through which she has been producing aerial stage and video productions since 2017. 


Aly kat


Aly Kat has lived on the Big Island for 9 years. She has been studying Fusion Belly Dance since 2007, and has taught class throughout East Hawaii since 2016. Her main dancing influences and teachers are Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Rachel Brice, and San Francisco improv troupe, Fat Chance Belly Dance. For more information, please check out her website,


Bonnie Margolis


Bonnie Margolis began her formal circus education at New England Center for Circus Arts for a year of their full time professional program before continuing her intensive acrobatic training with Pitch Catch Circus. Her disciplines include partner acrobatics, fire eating, aerial silks, hat manipulation, and stilt walking. She performed with Chicago based companies, including contemporary circus, The Drifters Collective, and cabaret burlesque troupe The Vaudettes.


Ellen Einhorn


A certified fitness instructor and yoga teacher, Ellen has a passion for teaching fitness and finds joy connecting with her students and watching them gain strength and endurance. She enjoys many different physical modalities, including aerial silks, yoga, Pilates and calisthenics.


Justine Thompson

aka Lady Lily La Douce


Justine, aka Lady Lily La Douce, is an American Burlesque dancer, host, producer, director, and writer. Her burlesque style is neoclassical ultra glam, high camp & kitschy. Hailing from the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii she is your 2015 Huli-Huli Chicken Queen - Burlesque Battle of the Islands, and the founder of Acme HourGlass Burlesque Company. Lady Lily started her burlesque adventure at Embers Avenue in the wonderfully weird Portland, Oregon in 2009. Her performance, directing, and teaching experience include a degree in Theater Arts; the Host, Headliner and Founder of Acme HourGlass Burlesque Co.; the events team for Burlycon 2018 & 2019; Legends Escort/volunteer/performer at the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2018, 2019 and Naked Girls Reading - Burlesque Hall of Fame 2019


Luna Sophia

Aerial yoga

Luna has been practicing and teaching yoga for 17 years. She completed her teacher training with Master Yoga teacher Nicky Knoff in Australia in 2004 and subsequently taught and studied in Japan, Thailand, India, Costa Rica, and Colombia. She began her aerial training in Colombia in 2007. As an aerialist, Luna has studied and performed on silks internationally as well as in Hawaii.


Meg Duka


Meg Duka has been practicing aerial since 2015, with her first love being dance trapeze. When she’s not hanging on a trapeze, you can find her teaching pole, yoga, or making delicious coffee beverages.


Patrick Faris

Aerial Yoga

Patrick has been studying the practice of yoga for 16 years, and was first introduced to aerial yoga nine years ago by fellow performer, teacher and friend, Lisa Darrell in Des Moines, Iowa - immediately, he was hooked! With additional thanks to teachers Monica, Jen, Felicia and Luna for their supportive encouragement, Patrick began teaching aerial yoga in an effort to explore the diverse asana possibilities and deeper pranic expression that the sling can offer as a supportive prop to any level of yogic practice. In Patrick's words: "Of all the experience that aerial yoga offers it is the union of earth amd sky that I feel mirrors our form and breath which makes this particular form of yoga unique to practice

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