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Coming September 18, 2020

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In the fifth annual Aerial Arts Hawai’i production, we’ll travel through a very loose exploration of Lewis Carroll’s beloved story, with a vibrant, synth-heavy jungle twist.

to audition

Please send a two minute act* showcasing your style, artistry and musicality to no later than Feb 15 with “Alice Audition” in the subject line.

* Selections will be made based off technique and musicality, not tricks, so focus on your flow and style. Submission acts will NOT be considered for inclusion in the show - they are just to showcase your skills. We can’t wait to see!


please read in full

- We are currently accepting auditions from Hawai’i Island based aerialists only.

- Selected artists will be notified via email by March 15.

- Submission videos should be continuous. No reels or compilations. We want to see your flow!

- Any aerialist who has already performed in prior AAH productions is automatically considered and need not apply UNLESS:

- You would like to perform on a new apparatus. Please submit a video showcasing that apparatus.
 - You  would like to perform with a specific partner(s). In that case, please submit as a duo/trio.


- Show act creation (including character, concept and music choice) will be directed by Aerial Arts Hawaii, with artist input. Artist will have full control over choreography, with director input.

- By submitting an audition video, you are committing to availability for show + dress rehearsal dates. The two additional mandatory rehearsal dates will be decided closer to date.

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