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Aerial Workshops with Constance Echo Palmer!

Tues Feb 12 + Thurs Feb 14
SPACE in Kalapana

**Registration REQUIRED**
Tuesday Feb 12  
3 - 5pm, Rope Foundations

Covered Rope (Corde Lisse) is a beautiful and straight forward apparatus. Although there are many skills that translate from fabric some of the more interesting skills on rope are those that are quintessential and unique to rope work. These are the skills that we will be honing in on in this workshop which include toe climbs, balances, and all things hip key! The rope skills taught in this course are a part of a sequence that you will be able to take away with you and practice.

Pre-Requisites: must be able to climb and invert; at least from the ground.

Tuesday Feb 12  

5:30  - 7:30pm, Funky Fabric Flow

Come get funky in this workshop jam packed with some brainy choreography. If you like sneaky transitions and curious shapes you are in the right place! We will be working our way through some cheeky pathways leading into positions that can be restful and easily explored. My aim is to give you the bones of the choreography and show you some moments in which you can explore after the fact to truly make it your own!

Prerequisites: must have a basic knowledge of the following wraps and climbs: hip key, tourniquet/thigh hitch, and russian climb. Must also be comfortable inverting in the air and performing locked front dives. A strong wheel down is a plus.

Thursday Feb 14

1 - 3pm, Introducing Momentum (rope/fabric)
Let's add some flare to your work on fabric and rope! In this workshop you will get a taste of creating momentum to carry you through your transitions. We will go over the basics of momentum technique and pathways as well as begin to work with momentum in and out of moves. Intermediate and Advanced students welcome!

Pre-Requisites: must be able to invert with straight legs and have a strong two handed dead-hang in good form.

One workshop: $65 each
Two workshops: $60 each ($120 total)

Three workshops: $55 each ($165 total)
**Pre-registration REQUIRED. Space is limited! **
Please register by SUNDAY 2/11 by texting or emailing Zoe: 203-258-9666 /

Constance is also available for privates! Contact for pricing and details.

About Constance

Constance is a dancer and aerialist that specializes in vertical apparatus; fabric, corde

lisse (rope), and double/multi corde. She is versed in partnering on bars (trapeze and

lyra) as well as vertical apparatus. Constance is just coming off a tour with a traditional

tent show, performing her acts up to 30 times per week. Her passion for performing is

matched only by her passion for teaching.

Constance was the director of The Space: A Movement Arts Studio in Atlanta, GA, USA

from 2014-2018. She continues to teach at The Space, as well as across the US and

abroad when she is not on stage. Constance is dedicated to growing community for

aerial students and teachers locally as well as globally. She founded and organizes the

Atlanta Aerial Arts Festival and started the group Aerial Instructors and Studio Owners on


This year Constance is excited to join the Born to Fly network as a teacher trainer,

mentor, collaborator, and marketing specialist. Constance is also a contributor to The

Aerial Rope Manual Vol. 2 authored by Rebekah Leach. She completed Paper Doll Militia’s

Level 1 Fabric and Trapeze as well as Level 2 Fabric courses and Alex Allan’s Dynamic

Teacher Training for rope and fabric under the Born to Fly network.

For more info, visit

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